A Delicious Fall Drink: Hot Wine


Forget warm apple cider or hot chocolate on these brisk fall days and try a glass of mulled wine! We know the days are getting shorter and colder back home in New England and they are here too.

Mulled wine or hot wine seems to be a huge hit over here in Europe, or at least in Amsterdam, Prague, and Budapest! Every market and festival we have been to lately have stands with huge vats of this stuff and it is amazing! We had never tried it nor had we really even heard of mulled wine, but as we were walking around Prague freezing our asses off, we were lured in to trying this steaming hot mystery drink.


We would describe it as a cross between cider and wine. The mulling spices (cloves, cinnamon, and nutmeg) give it that perfect-for-fall taste and it’s guaranteed to warm you up on those chilly days. Unfortunately it would be inconvenient for us to make it on our own while we are travelling, but here’s a recipe to try if you’re curious!

This recipe helps to avoid burning off all the alcohol when you heat it up, but if you’re looking for a little extra warmth, you can add an extra shot of rum or brandy to your glass. We can imagine some sort of cinnamon flavored alcohol might be good too, but that’s not a tested theory, so experiment at your own risk!


Happy Drinking.





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