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Amusing stories about our travels around the world.

Halfway Around the World: Our Favorite European Cities

Wow. We have officially been-full time backpackers for three and a half months. We’re still alive, we’re still dating happily and we still don’t know when we’ll return. In this very short span of time, we’ve already traveled all throughout Europe, 12 countries and over 20 different cities to be exact. Time has been flying by and we can’t wait to… Read more →

Was That Rain?

Have you ever had one of those moments when you just stop everything you’re doing, look around, look at the person next to you, look at yourself and wonder what the f*ck just happened? We did two nights ago. This past weekend, we decided to go over to the Asian side of Istanbul to a neighborhood called Kadikoy where we… Read more →

Memoirs of a Masshole: Ruin Pubs in Budapest

We found ourselves wandering down hallways and walking from room to room trying to decipher the décor. Old televisions circa 1990 streaming nothing but static, random plastic body parts hanging from the walls covered in Christmas lights, torn furniture that looked like it was picked up off the side of the road, makeshift roofs made of tarps covering outdoor patio… Read more →

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