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Renting a Vespa on the Amalfi Coast – Is it Safe?

Renting a vespa to explore Italy’s famous Amalfi Coast was one of the most rewarding and beautiful experiences we’ve had on our trip so far, but we couldn’t help but notice the surplus of safety concerns in online forums. Well, we lived to tell the tale and found a moped to be a great way to get from Sorrento to Pompeii to Amalfi and… Read more →


Amalfi Coast Moped Adventure & Planning Yours

Renting a moped to explore Pompeii and the Amalfi Coast was by far one of the best decisions we’ve made on this trip. Thinking about an Amalfi Coast Moped Adventure yourself? Here’s what our day looked like and some tips for planning a similar trip: Why Travel by Moped   Incase you need any inspiration, just watch! Mopeds seem to rule the… Read more →

Memoirs of a Masshole: If You’re Paying for Food, You’re Doing it Wrong

Yes, heaven on earth does exist and that place is in Granada, Spain. Where the drinks are cheap and they’re accompanied by free food. You heard that right. Free food. With every drink you order, you get a free tapas that tends to get better with each purchase. In some places, you can even choose what you’d like. So if you… Read more →

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