Halfway Around the World: Our Favorite European Cities

Wow. We have officially been-full time backpackers for three and a half months. We’re still alive, we’re still dating happily and we still don’t know when we’ll return.

In this very short span of time, we’ve already traveled all throughout Europe, 12 countries and over 20 different cities to be exact. Time has been flying by and we can’t wait to start the next phase of our adventure.

But before we move on to what I can only imagine will be entertaining stories from Asia, it’s time to reflect on our favorite European cities. Here they are (in order of travel) along with links to our posts about each place.

Our Favorite European Cities:

Granada, Spain


Ah, Granada, one of the very first cities that we really fell in love with. Being so different from the very sophisticated cities of Paris and London, we were immediately intrigued by the city’s rich historical culture and religious influences. A large area of the city is protected by UNESCO, meaning that a good portion of it still looks similar to how it did many years ago. One of our favorite parts about the area was the free food they served with drinks (so sad, but true). We loved it so much we actually wrote a whole post on it! See it here.


Interlaken, Switzerland


The 9th stop on our journey, Interlaken, brought out the adrenaline junkies in the group. Although we were only able to spend two full days here, we made the most of it by defying gravity in obstacle courses in the trees and jumping into arctic cold water in the surrounding mountain’s canyons. We will never forget the beautiful green scenery, crystal clear blue lakes or the homey feel of this adventurous little town.


Memoirs of a Masshole: Stories and Videos from Switzerland


Munich, Germany


Although a majority of our time was spent at Oktoberfest and we really did not have too much time to explore the entire city, Munich still makes our list. The fact that a city can hold a festival solely devoted to beer for three weeks straight where drinking heavily, dancing on tables and partying at a carnival is encouraged, is amazing.


Beers, Bratwursts and Boobs: 10 Things you Must do at Oktoberfest 


Amsterdam, Netherlands


If we put these cities in order by favorites, Amsterdam would be at the very top. Everyone (including us at first) has their expectations of what Amsterdam has to offer, but it was truly beautiful and offered the best atmosphere we have ever experienced in a city. It was buzzing but laid back and had endless amounts of things to do. We spent a whole week here and wouldn’t have had it any other way.


Memoirs of a Masshole: Adventures in Amsterdam


Prague, Czech Republic

Beauty, breweries, and comfort food. This is how we would describe Prague in just one sentence and we probably do not have to say much more about why this was a favorite of ours (beer and food seem to weigh in heavily on our decisions). There’s just something about rich beef goulash stew or a braised pork rib with mashed potatoes washed down with a freshly brewed Pilsner on a cool fall day that just can’t be beaten. To top it all off, Prague has such a rich history and beautiful historic landmarks and castles decorating its landscape. Although our post about our moped ride may have highlighted the gloomy days we experienced, we still had an amazing time here.


Budapest, Hungary

Budapest had some of our favorite nightlife spots and we will always remember their crazy Ruin Pubs, decaying buildings turned into the best bars in town. On top of the amazing nightlife scene, the city had so many up and coming neighborhoods filled with trendy restaurants, cafes and bars. Our favorite area was the old Jewish Quarter where we spent a majority of our time exploring.


Sorrento, Italy


Breathtaking views of crystal clear water from huge cliffs, easy access to the Amalfi Coast and an adorable little town center, how could we not fall in love with Sorrento?! We rented a moped for a day trip to Pompeii and the Amalfi Coast and had a remarkable time riding down the scary but stunning coastal roads. See more of our pictures and videos from the trip in our post here.


Athens, Greece


Athens was an unsuspected favorite city of ours. We’re not sure exactly what we were expecting, but we were thrilled to find that the area is home to so many unique and up-and-coming neighborhoods. At the same time, we were able to feel like we had traveled back in time by walking through the ruins of Ancient Greece that are scattered throughout the city.


Santorini, Greece


It would be pretty hard not to fall in love with this tiny Greek Island. A beautiful view of the ocean no matter where we were, riding quads as transportation for the week and the extremely friendly people of the island made this place amazing. More pictures and stories from here coming soon!


Istanbul, Turkey


We spent a whole 16 days here and really got to know this amazing city. Although we were a little unsure of the area at first because of all the terrible things going on in the world right now, we had a great time. We made friends with a girl who worked at the hostel and she showed us how to really enjoy Istanbul as a local. More stories coming from here soon as well.


We can’t believe that our Euro-trip is over, but we’re excited to move on to tropical South East Asia. Europe, it’s been real. Maybe we’ll see you again soon…

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  1. Ann Marie Browne
    December 10, 2015 at 3:00 am

    So jealous remarkable pictures and stories. A lot of us are living through you and Josh’s adventures! Be safe

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