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Hey! We are Josh and Lauren, also known as the Meandering Massholes. For those of you out-of-state folks, a Masshole (in the Webster Dictionary as of June 24th) is a “term of contempt (we’d say endearment) for a native or inhabitant of “the state of Massachusetts.”

Almost a year ago now, we decided that life is way too short to just work our lives away, so we put our belongings in storage, packed our bags and headed out of Boston. We got on our first plane to London, England back in August, 2015. Since then, we’ve traveled throughout Europe and Southeast Asia and we’ll be to Australia, New Zealand and wherever else our journey takes us.

Over the past year we’ve learned quite a bit about traveling and we want to share what we’ve learned so that you too can travel like we are.

Our Trip

We have had a general idea of where we would like to travel since we first started planning our journey, but we’ve always been open to whatever comes our way. Whether it’s new suggestions or just a new desire to see somewhere different, we’ve been hopping around to wherever we can. Here’s our route:


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