Memoirs of a Masshole: If You’re Paying for Food, You’re Doing it Wrong

View of Granada, Spain from San Miguel

Yes, heaven on earth does exist and that place is in Granada, Spain. Where the drinks are cheap and they’re accompanied by free food. You heard that right. Free food. With every drink you order, you get a free tapas that tends to get better with each purchase. In some places, you can even choose what you’d like. So if you do this right, you just have to buy booze for every meal, and you’ll be fed for free. This place is pretty much a backpacker’s dream.

Granada is definitely our favorite city so far for a number of reasons other than just the free food. Sitting on the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountain range, the city is absolutely beautiful and very well persevered, as a majority of the areas are protected from renovations that would change the original appearance of the building. Granada has a very rich history as well as Christian, Muslim, and Jewish influences, which make for an extremely diverse landscape with different neighborhoods, cuisines and shops.

Albaicin Quarter - Granada, Spain

One of the shops in the Albaicin Quarter

We stayed in our first hostel in Granada and we think this is another contributing factor to this being our favorite city. Other than having a few roommates that refused to do anything but canoodle and make out with each other in the corner, a tour guide that was straight out of the movie hostel that we were convinced was scheming something with someone everywhere we went, and Josh catching some terrible respiratory infection, we had a pretty good time! It was nice to get out and meet some people for a change. The hostel offered free walking tours of the city and a number of organized happy hours, which made it really easy to meet other travellers as well as learn more about the city than we would have on our own.

View from the Gypsy Village in the hills

View from the Gypsy Village in the hills on our walking tour.

If you ever get the chance to visit Spain, definitely make sure that Granada is on your list of places to go. Free food. Not sure why you’d need anymore convincing.



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  1. Mike Menaker
    September 8, 2015 at 2:32 pm

    Nice, glad to see people getting out there and putting their dreams in the forefront.

    Safe travels!

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