Enjoying Oktoberfest With a Gluten Allergy

Oktoberfest Gluten Free

The wine tent at Munich’s Oktoberfest

For those with a gluten intolerance, the thought of attending Munich, Germany’s Oktoberfest may sound more like a nightmare than a good time. Rest assured, those that must steer clear of wheat can still enjoy the festival and join in the fun.

Josh’s sister, Kali, has been traveling with us for the past two weeks and she unfortunately suffers from gluten intolerance. She admits that she was nervous to come to Oktoberfest with us because she couldn’t find much information online about whether or not there are any gluten free options and she wasn’t sure how much fun she’d have at a festival that is mainly about beer.

So in her honor, we made it our mission to find out what gluten free options Oktoberfest has to offer. Here’s what we would recommend for anyone with a gluten allergy attending Oktoberfest:

Head to the Wine Tent

The Weinzelt tent on the festival grounds is the only tent that serves wine and champagne as well as beer. We weren’t sure what to expect in this tent after witnessing the chaos of the beer tents, but it is certainly just as lively; complete with a live band and dancing on the tables. This is a great location for both beer and wine drinkers alike.

Bring in a Coffee Cup

Alright, we are not sure whether or not this is really allowed, but no one said anything to Kali about having a paper cup with her, which came in handy. There are a number of stands on the grounds that serve wine and will let you dump the glass into the cup. This was a great way for us to explore the rest of the tents without leaving Kali empty handed while she watched us drink beers. The benefit of getting a drink other than beer is that it’s the only alcohol served outside of the beer tent. A win for the gluten free folks!

It’s Not All About the Beer

Yes, beer is a major part of the festival; however, it’s also a huge carnival. It kind of reminds us of the Big E out in Springfield, MA, but with way more intoxicated people dressed in traditional German garb. During the day, it’s fun to enjoy the rides (if you didn’t drink too much the previous night), eat at one of the restaurants, or just wander through the festival and people watch.

Food, Food and More Food

Gluten Free Oktoberfest

One of many delicious gluten free options at Oktoberfest

Meat appears to be the main staple for food at Oktoberfest and there are a number of gluten free options to choose from. Grab a loaded baked potato, rotisserie chicken, giant pork knuckle or some chocolate covered fruit.


We’ve spent 3 nights at Oktoberfest so far and it’s safe to say that having a gluten allergy should never be a reason to keep you from checking out this amazing festival!

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