We’reeee Backkk!! For Now…


Hello Everyone!

We are temporarily back in action here thanks to Miss Chaela Bohac who let us borrow one of her laptops! During one of our rides on the beginning of our motorbike trip, I may or may not have had my bags strapped on improperly, which caused the backpack carrying my laptop to fall off the back of my bike. We have a feeling this caused some of the issues that we’re currently experiencing with my computer. Unfortunately there are no Apple stores in Vietnam, or even most of South East Asia, so we will probably be waiting until we get to Cairns, Australia to fix it.

Anyways, as of a few weeks ago, we have officially finished our month and a half motorbike trip from Saigon to Hanoi and we sincerely apologize for keeping you all in the dark!

I’ll be putting together some posts as well as posting some drafts that I had saved from earlier about our rides and doing my best to include some pictures if possible. These are currently all stored and edited on my Mac and transferring pictures to this new lap top probably isn’t going to happen, so we will do what we can to entertain you with some stories.


The view from our little condo in the Philippines.


Watching the sunset from the place we are staying in the Philippines.

As for now, we are relaxing for the next 6 days with Doug and Jenna in the Philippines. By the looks of the place that we are staying, we may never come back….Just kidding, we actually have more of an itinerary booked now than we ever have this entire trip. Here’s a snap shot of what our next few months looks like:

Now – April 27th: Panglao, Philippines

April 27th – May 3rd: Borneo, Malaysia (Yes, we’re going back to Malaysia…this time to get our scuba diving certs!)

May 3rd – May 13th: Bali, Indonesia

May 13th – June 3 (tentative): Australia

June 3rd – June 30th (tentative): New Zealand

Early July – Home??! (Don’t get your hopes up 😉 )


Stay tuned for some more posts 🙂




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